This square located near the Bolshoi ballet in central Moscow was rather sad and grey, containing a vertical statue to commemorate Maia, and a mural on the wall. We wanted to link both both of these art works together and make them sit in a space where they could be appreciated. Taking elements of Maia’s dance style and interpreting that into a garden. The dance form is abstracted into the metal sculptures that dance through the garden and the colours are resonant of her iconic role as Carmen. The movement changes throughout the seasons and even under the snow in the Russian winters there is a sense of beauty and grace that pay homage to Maia.

“Words cannot compare to the majesty and raw beauty of Plisetskaya's performance:"

 "daring rarely seen on ballet stages today, and a jump of almost masculine power." "developing an individual, iconoclastic style that capitalized on her electrifying stage presence". Tim Scholl

She was, and still is, a star, ballet's monstre sacre, the final statement about theatrical glamour, a flaring, flaming beacon in a world of dimly twinkling talents, a beauty in the world of prettiness” Financial Times

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